Review Policy

To authors: I understand the time and effort put into writing a novel and if I feel that I can not rate the book at least 4 stars, I will not review it. I only recommend books that I love to fellow readers.

I do promote books in any way I can, whether it is via Facebook, Instagram or here on my blog. That said, please understand I am NOT obligated to review books that are not requested or solicited.

When submitting a book review request, please include the following:
a.) Book Title & Genre
b.) Release Date
c.) Synopsis
d.) Sample chapter (I will not read books without first sampling if the writing style is a fit for me).
Most of the books I review fall under New Adult, Adult, or Mature YA. These are the genres that I review (not all subcategories are listed):

  • Erotica (For example: humorous erotica, romantic erotica)
  • Romance (For example: Contemporary romance, paranormal romance, historical romance)
My reviews are my honest opinion. I am in no way paid for my reviews.
I always try to include what I thought worked and didn’t work when reviewing a product or book. I do not purposely disrespect others within my reviews, whether it is an author, publisher, or business.
Disclaimer: I DO NOT sale any of the review or finished copies of books I receive, but I do often donate books to my local library when I’m finished reviewing them.

A note to authors who’ve I have never worked with: Please do not email me your ebook along with your request. NEVER do this. This is a legitimate review site, but there are many sites out there that are NOT. This is a good way to get your book pirated! Please be careful.